Parcel Select

If your company is still working with the same old carriers, you’re subjecting your business and your customers to the same old problems: costly home deliveries, missed delivery attempt notifications, higher call center costs due to customers trying to track their packages, and the unpredictable costs.

As a Workshare partner pioneer and leading solutions provider for the United States Postal Service,™ our partner offers your company a personalized set of robust Parcel Select® shipping services to optimize your distribution activities and lower costs while leveraging the most extensive delivery network on the planet. And with our ability to zone-skip through its national transportation network, you can provide your customers with the highest quality delivery experience while saving time and money through a predictable cost model.

Standard Mail

We offer the most extensive set of Postal-based mail solutions in the business. And they’re designed to help your company increase efficiencies and improve services through SmartCenter™ our extensive nationwide network of processing and distribution facilities. As a Workshare partner of the United States Postal Service™ (USPS), we deliver the spectrum of valuable, cost-efficient mail services that would normally be handled directly by the USPS, only better.

With UnitedEx small parcel delivery services we can provide your company with a suite of powerful, personalized mail-processing and small parcel delivery tools designed to help your company reduce labor costs, inject mail deep into USPS’ network to improve delivery cycle times, and take the load off of your own operations so you can do what you do best… run your company.

Because we’re 100% dedicated to managing multiple USPS mail classifications and parcel shipping products, you have the ability to leverage the benefit of aggregating mail and small parcel deliveries into one convenient load for pickup, without having to go through laborious and expensive pre-sort activities. And, with our ability to zone-skip through the USPS’ national transportation network, you can provide your customers with the highest quality delivery experience while saving valuable time and money.

Priority Mail

Our partner is the only consolidator with the ability to offer Priority Mail®, an expedited small parcel service, through the United States Postal Service™.

Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

UnitedEx Bound Printed Matter (BPM) service is a cost-efficient way to mail permanently-bound sheets of advertising, promotional, editorial, and directory material such as catalogs and phonebooks.