First, you need to be a registered customer. If you are not already a registered customer, you can apply for an account with UNITEDEX by contacting one of our customer service representatives. You will need to complete our credit application, which can be found on the forms area of our website.

If you are already a customer, you may use UNITEDEX’s web-based air waybill to print a waybill, and then you can call us for a pickup at 1-888-680-0160.

  • Individual packages to a maximum weight of 150 pounds are accepted for all UNITEDEX services — there is no limit to the gross shipment weight.
  • Individual packages above 150 pounds are accepted as UNITEDEX Express Freight. Please contact us at 1-888-680-0160 for rate information.
  • Packages weighing more than 70 pounds will require a special label to indicate “overweight” and may be subject to a special handling surcharge.
  • Express shipments for carriage by air are subject to a 70 pound per piece (30 kilogram) weight limit as stipulated by The International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Oversize packages, or packages that have a disproportionate size-to-weight ratio, may require special pricing or be subject to dimensional weight calculations.

Each country establishes its own standards as to which goods are dutiable. You can call 1-888-680-0160 for detailed information.

It can affect your shipment in two ways:

  • Customs — All dutiable shipments must go through a customs clearance procedure, which can affect the transit time of your shipment. UNITEDEX has developed working relationships with customs officials worldwide to streamline the clearance process. Licensed customs brokers ensure that the great majority of shipments are cleared through customs quickly and efficiently. However, some items, particularly unusual or high-value items, are detained by customs longer. Transit time will depend on how long local procedures take.
  • Documentation — All dutiable shipments require at least an air waybill and a commercial invoice. Additional forms you may need will depend on shipment content, value and/or destination.

Many factors can affect international transit times:

Holidays: Every country celebrates different holidays. If your shipment arrives on a holiday, UNITEDEX couriers may not be able to deliver it until your recipient is back to work.

Weekends: It may seem obvious, but it is worth pointing out. Transit times listed on this site are listed in business days, so you will need to account for weekend days, when applicable. Note that weekends may differ by country.

Please call us at 1-888-680-0160 for a delivery commitment that reflects the details of your specific shipment and service selected.

It is most common to have the recipient in the destination country pay duty charges. However, as the shipper, you may choose to pay them, which means you are requesting Free Domicile service.

It’s easy to prepare your UNITEDEX packages for shipment. You can use your own packaging, or a variety of packaging containers are available, free of charge, from UNITEDEX and can be ordered from the Supplies area of this Web site. UNITEDEX will deliver supplies directly to your door. To assist you in preparing documentation for shipment, UNITEDEX has created a solutions page with UNITEDEXs web-based air waybill page and other useful shipping documentation.

UNITEDEX Special Services can address urgent items on a case-by-case basis. You can find out specific information by contacting your nearest UNITEDEX office at 1-888-680-0160. Usually, the fastest service involves putting someone on the next flight to the destination to hand-carry the shipment to your consignee, but we offer many other faster-than-usual products that may meet your requirements without the costs of a hand-carry or a charter flight.

Yes. Saturday/Sunday delivery is available for an additional fee through UNITEDEX Specials Services. Call 1-888-680-0160 for specific information.

Please contact us. Or consider using our web application to prepare and print your shipping labels online.

Please use our Transit Time calculators to determine the delivery time based on the service type you’ve requested.

UnitedEx provides all of our customers with the opportunity to report late package delivery within 15 calendar days from the date of shipment. Customers can call our customer service line to report a service failure. For more information please click here to view our service guarantee in its entirety.